Christian and Rasmus are entrepreneurs who make a full-time living selling audiobooks on Amazon. They also create YouTube videos highlighting their travel adventures.

Audiobook Income Academy Review includes four coaching calls with the Mikkelsen twins. It also includes a private Facebook community, weekly live group sessions on Mondays, and DFY materials.


Unlike Amazon FBA, which can be a very lucrative business, Audiobook Income Academy is a very unique online course that teaches you how to create and sell audio books on Audible. This is a great option for people who want to make a passive income, but don’t have the time to run an affiliate marketing business or dropshipping (reselling physical products without maintaining inventory).

The Mikkelsen twins are very honest in their sales pitch and say that they are not claiming this is an easy or fast way to make money. They also warn that it will take hard work and patience. However, they also mention that many of their students have made thousands of dollars in their first year of audiobook publishing. The course includes seven modules that will guide you in running a successful audiobook publishing business. The modules cover everything from keyword research to marketing techniques. You’ll also get access to a private Facebook group, weekly live sessions, four 1-on-1 coaching calls, 21 templates, and Done For You materials.

During the training, you will learn how to select your niche, create your audiobook, and set up a company. You will also learn how to make the most of your earnings and automate your processes. The course is divided into four weeks, with each week covering a different aspect of the audiobook publishing business.

The Mikkelsen twins also teach you how to hire freelancers for production and marketing tasks. They call this their Ghost Audio strategy, which is a tactic that allows you to outsource content creation to freelancers and earn a percentage of their profits. It’s a very effective strategy, but it can be expensive if you are not careful.

In this course, the Mikkelsen twins will teach you how to use Audible as a platform for your own audiobook business. They will also show you how to outsource tasks like recording, editing, and publishing. This will save you time and money. They will also teach you how to optimize paid advertisements on Amazon, which is a valuable skill.

The course has seven modules that will guide you in running your own audiobook business. It will also teach you how to grow outside of Amazon and approach other platforms for more exposure and revenue. It will also teach you how to create a website and create email sequences that will help you generate traffic. Additionally, you will get access to a private Facebook group where the Mikkelsen twins will hand out extra materials and will offer coaching support. You will also get four 1 on 1 calls with an Aia 2.0 coach, weekly live group sessions every Monday, and a bunch of Done for You resources and 21 templates.

The Mikkelsen twins will also teach you how to find profitable niches in a high demand market. They will give you a list of proven topics that are easy to write about, and they will also share their methods for writing a compelling title and description. In addition, they will teach you how to use ChatGPT for ideas, and they will also provide you with their Ultimate Prompt Sheet.

Self-publishing an audiobook is a legitimate business model, but it is not as passive or profitable as the Mikkelsen twins make it out to be. There is a lot of competition, and it can be difficult to separate yourself from the crowd. Moreover, the cost of creating an audiobook can be expensive and time-consuming.

This program teaches you how to create audiobooks using low-cost ghostwriters and narrators. It claims that this is a very profitable way to earn passive income. However, it’s not a perfect strategy. There are some issues with the program, including a lack of support and high prices. It also has a strict refund policy.

AI Publishing Academy is a course that will help you make money by selling audiobooks on Amazon. The Mikkelsen twins are known for their success with this business model, but many people question whether it’s a scam or not. Some even call it a pyramid scheme.

The course has seven modules that will guide you through the process of running a successful audiobook business. It also includes a private Facebook group, weekly live group coaching calls, four one-on-one coaching calls, and Done For You materials. Additionally, it will help you identify the best topic for your audiobook and select a narrator that will fit your audience.

Although AI Publishing Academy has some bad reviews, it’s worth trying if you’re looking for a reliable online business model. The Mikkelsen twins are legit e-commerce entrepreneurs, but they may not be the most trustworthy business coaches. They’ve been banned from selling on Amazon multiple times and have a history of misguiding their customers.

If you’re looking for a profitable passive income business, the Mikkelsen twins’ AI Publishing Academy course is a great place to start. But be aware that it takes a lot of time and effort to get started. The most important thing is to stay persistent and never give up. It might take a few months before you start to see results, but the end result is worth it.

If you’re looking for a legit online business model that can earn you passive income, audiobook publishing is a good option. The Mikkelsen twins have been in the business for years and have created multiple courses that help others start their own audiobook publishing businesses. However, it’s important to keep in mind that this is not a get-rich-quick scheme and will take time and effort to build your business.

Whether or not the Mikkelsen twins’ course is a scam depends on your expectations and how much you are willing to invest in your business. Some people have claimed that the program is a scam, while others claim that it is legitimate and has helped them make thousands of dollars a month. If you’re unsure about the program, consider signing up for a free trial to see if it works for you.

The program is designed to teach students how to create and publish audiobooks for the Audible platform. It includes training on keyword research, writing, recording, and editing audiobooks. It also offers support and coaching from the Mikkelsen twins. Students of AIA 2.0 are also given access to a private Facebook community, four one-on-one calls with an AIA coach, weekly live group sessions every Monday, and DFY materials and 21 templates.

Although the Mikkelsen twins’ claims may be exaggerated, their course is a great resource for anyone who wants to learn how to start an audiobook publishing business. It can be a great way to make some extra money and to earn a passive income while working full-time or traveling. But be careful, as there are many other online business models that may be more lucrative and less risky.

Christian and Rasmus Mikkelsen, or the twins as they are known in the online business community, have built a name for themselves as successful entrepreneurs who help others make money through audiobook publishing. They are also a YouTube sensation, and they use their platform to share their advice on topics like travel and entrepreneurship with their followers.

The AIA course focuses on teaching students how to publish and market their audiobooks on platforms such as Audible. It includes a private Facebook group, four 1-on-1 calls with an audiobook coach, and weekly live group sessions every Monday. It also provides access to a network of low-cost ghostwriters, editors, and cover designers. The course also offers DFY materials and 21 templates for audiobooks.

In addition to the main course, AIA 2.0 comes with an additional bonus that teaches students how to find profitable niches for their audiobooks. This bonus includes a list of 50 subgenres that are considered to be lucrative for audiobook publishers. It also includes a list of recommended narrators and writers.

AIA 2.0 is a good option for anyone interested in making money from audiobooks. However, it is important to note that it takes a significant amount of time and effort to create and publish an audiobook. It is also worth mentioning that the Mikkelsen twins are not the only ones who have been successful at making money from audiobooks. There are many other people who have found success through this method, and it is possible for anyone to do the same if they are willing to put in the work. For these reasons, we recommend that you consider other options before enrolling in this course.